Review of Copper Buffet, complete set, international buffet Premium menu, quality beyond value!

Review of Copper Buffet, complete set, international buffet Premium menu, quality beyond value!
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If talking about the buffet menu that many people love, the name Copper Buffet must come out of the poll. Both delicious flavors are ready to be served in the premium edition. There is a wide variety of international food to choose from. They raised an army from Seafood, Thai, and Japanese food, with a dessert menu. And more drinks than before! Anyone who comes here doesn’t know which menu to eat. There are all dazzles to choose from. Today, Pang will introduce a famous menu. Don’t miss it. Read this review and say There must be much pressing to order a table!

International Buffet

Copper Buffet is an international buffet restaurant famous for the quality of food and delicious flavors that skilled chefs carefully create. This restaurant is located at The Sense Pinklao. There is only one branch open to eat only for those who have ordered in advance. To reduce the problem of insufficient food lines, quality control, and a sound service system to make customers’ hearts come to eat, I was utterly impressed with the title of Best of Buffet.

The atmosphere inside the copper shop

You can erase the image of going to a traditional buffet restaurant because this place intends to design the restaurant in a luxury design style, giving you the best dining experience in every sense. under the concept ‘Delicious with class’ Table seating that is organized. Food line that walks to order. You can eat fresh food every time. And the food is served in the style of ‘Casual Fine Dining,’ unique and unique. Better than a typical buffet restaurant

Price Information – Table Reservation

For those who are going to eat at Copper, it is recommended to pre-order only. Because here they open around Open to eating according to the queue that has been reserved only. You can book through the Hungry Hub website to check prices. And a monthly promotion, the starting price is 999+ baht (or net price of 1,176 baht/person) for 2 hours.

  • Monday – Friday, open from 12:00 – 14:00 / 16:30 – 21:00
  • Sat. – Sun. Open time 10:00 – 14:30 / 16.30 – 20:30

Highlight interesting menus in the restaurant

The best of international buffet menus would have escaped the station, a buffet of various foods waiting to be served, fresh, premium, to be tasted every 2 hours, which here have a lot more menus to choose from Whether it’s mushroom truffle soup, Wagyu beef steak, smoked duck breast, grilled river prawns, and more. Just stand and tell them the food you want at each station, and the staff will do it for you. You don’t have to scoop it yourself to get tired! Get the right amount of food, not too much It can make you eat a variety of menus. What are the recommended menu items? Let’s see.

Appetizer : fried food menu

Who has eaten the menu of fried food elsewhere? You might find disappointment in things that aren’t crispy, not hot, and fried for a long time until they’re soft, but that’s not the case here. They are freshly fried and hot. The scent pierces through the dish. There is crispy fried chicken. Cream cheese fried prawns that are prawns, not souls, can be eaten whole. You can order how many pieces you want to eat.

Carving Trio Pork

Let’s come to the caravan of pigs. Whoever is a pig type, tell me you must like it! Fully loaded with premium pork dishes served straight to the table. The pork is just the right size for all three bites.

  • BBQ Pork Ribs Homemade Soy Sauce: Intense taste that hits the spot. Enjoy the tender ribs.
  • German Pork Knuckle French Mustard: Juicy pork knuckle with crispy skin and pickled red cabbage.
  • Grilled Pork Neck, Jaew Sauce: Fulfill the taste of Thai style. With soft pork neck, Eat with spicy sauce.

Oyster fresh oysters

Whoever comes to Copper, let me tell you, don’t miss this menu! It is this menu that seafood lovers like us are very fond of. Big oyster Fresh, bouncy, sweet, without the fishy smell. Squeeze some lemon. Eating with the sauce is juicy. Total order, oyster lovers. It’s worth coming here anyway

Authentic Thai Dish : Creamy Tom Yum Kung Soup

Thai food is as delicious as in any country in the world! At Copper, they also have a station, a Thai food menu ready for everyone to taste the authentic Thai taste, full of flavor. The Tom Yum Kung Mae Nam menu is my favorite: large river prawns and bouncy sweet meat. Eat together with Tom Yum, the spicy taste is just right. So delicious that I want to double another bowl.

Japanese Kitchen

Anyone who is Japanese sashimi will love Salmon Original Sushi, Sugi Yuzu Ponzu Aburi Sushi, and Akaebi Aburi Sushi, a source of juicy fresh fish, sweet meat, and thick slices, don’t skimp on the stuff! Sushi menus are made in bite-sized pieces. Stand out in the same fresh fish. This station is boiling. Whenever we go to eat, many people always queue up, but they do it quickly.

Wagyu Cay Onsen Basil Rice

Who likes dried basil? Spicy taste Let me tell you that the menu should answer the question. Delicious and very nutritious Wagyu beef, large, thick, soft, bite-sized pieces Stir-fried with spicy dried basil Top with onsen eggs. Eat together. Smooth and perfect. They served in just the right amount. Not too big You can eat other menu items.

Beef Steak

As for the steak menu, well done. The premium is much more than the price. Whether lamb or wagyu beef, every piece ordered is juicy, juicy, soft, and lightly scented. You can choose the degree of doneness you like. It is recommended to order Medium well, delicious, and soft on the tongue. It’s not sticky at all. Enjoy eating here. They also have foie gras for you to try. Served with raspberry sauce

Copper - International - Buffet

Baked & Torch Canadian Lobster Tail with Trio Cheese Veloute

Premium doesn’t stop. Go all the way with the lobster menu! Premium grade from Canada. They are baked with melted cheese. Fresh, bouncy lobster Juicy, too sweet to resist. Emphasis on serving. Who loves lobsters? Let me tell you that there is a song! Very worthwhile

Copper Nitro bar

Another cool thing must be given to a specially made Nitro bar machine from Germany. It makes the drinking press out soft bubbles, smooth touch, and a mellow taste. There are four types to choose from: Fruit Punch Nitro, Jasmine Tea Nitro, Lemon Tea Nitro, and Taiwanese Milk Tea Nitro.

Copper - International - Buffet

Other Menu

For other menus, Let me tell you that it’s not the same. Eat so much that you have to beg for life. There are more than 100 menus, such as grilled shrimp, spaghetti, and noodles with crab paste. Anyone who likes eating various food can say it answers the question. As for the dessert menu, there are plenty to choose from. Whether it’s an ice cream menu Salted Egg Lava Honey Toast, Ko Pancakes, or Panna Cotta, delicious and tender.


Eating an international buffet at the Copper Buffet, I can say that I am impressed every time I come to eat. Use black tones to play shadows in the atmosphere or the big store orderly in every zone. It feels like sitting in a luxury restaurant. More importantly, the service is worth the money spent. Anyone who hasn’t tried to eat copper is Recommended to come and get it once. Then you will be impressed like us.

  • Copper Buffet: The Sense Pinklao
  • Time 10.00 – 21.00

Copper Buffet

Closed until 16:30 (UTC+7)

The Sense ปิ่นเกล้า ชั้น2 71/50 ถ. บรมราชชนนี แขวงอรุณอมรินทร์ เขตบางกอกน้อย กรุงเทพมหานคร 10700






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