Review A must-try bakery for shock lovers

Review A must-try bakery for shock lovers A bakery that sweet lovers should try Flourless Chocolate Cake Intense, very satisfying, focused, easy, hit the face It’s late for dessert again today. My favorite item, haha. Today, I would like to introduce the shop. There are many menus to choose from, especially chocolate, very intense, every menu!

Brownie Cookies (10 pieces 200 baht)

Double Choco Cup (6 cups 210 baht)

Flourless Chocolate Cake (0.5 pounds 250 baht)

Burnt Cheesecake (0.5 pounds 290 baht)

Cold brew coffee (250 ml. 80 baht) comes in 4 flavors: dark, medium, vanilla (with milk) and caramel (with milk).

Personally, I love the brownie cookies and the flourless chocolate cake. Because I’m already a strong shock type, I’m really into the way. Delicious, intense, worth the hit. Chocolate lovers should try a lot. Cheesecake with a burnt face. It’s easy to eat, not too heavy, the taste is very mellow.

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