Choongman Chicken #ร้านอาหาร

Choongman Chicken

#ChoongManChicken Korean Fried Chicken No.1
Authentic Korean restaurant Complete every menu!

Annyeong everyone! Today, Pang brought everyone to Choongman Chicken, Siam Center branch. Here they are a fried chicken restaurant, the original recipe from Korea. I believe that many people already know each other. There are a lot of menu items. Let’s get it hard. Full of every menu. When I arrived, I arranged it to my heart’s content. What menu will be delicious? Let’s see.

Snow Onion Signature, this menu is the number one of the powder. The original menu is Chong Chung Man. The first one to do it. The most original is boneless chicken. Top with a thin slice of onion. Then topped with Chung Man’s special white sauce. Let me tell you, those who don’t eat fragrant can eat it. The smell is not strong. It’s very good for the heart. It fits perfectly. ✨

6 Flavors Chicken This menu is a combination of 6 flavors of chicken that are the best seller of Chung Man. It is a set that is suitable for families. and people who have never eaten Chung Man before and want to try many flavors Secretly whispering that it has mala flavor too, very good! Not as spicy as you think Dipping in the sauce that comes with it is just so satisfying~

Fried Chicken. This one is fried chicken, Chung Man, original flavor. Let me tell you that just this menu is delicious. The sauce is that you don’t have to get the real thing, haha. Recommended to try

Spicy Cheese melt. This menu impresses mom! Just tried to order for the first time. That is, if anyone is a cheese lover, you must order it. And his chicken is baked chicken without oil too. If you don’t like to eat like fried chicken, you have to order now. 99% real cheese. Very satisfying.

Samjang Soup Let’s continue to this menu. Well, usually other restaurants only have kimchi soup. If you don’t like it, you can order Samjang Soup. because it’s made from samjang sauce that goes with the grilled grill, it’s satisfying!

Yang Pa Ring, this menu is another outstanding dish. My favorite dish, fried onions, which is not like fried onions. It’s a popular snack among Korean people. I believe that many Thai people will definitely like it. Who doesn’t like to eat fragrant? I recommend you to open your mind here, mellow, chew, enjoy, no stink at all~

And there are many food-drink menus that are worth trying! For those who like to eat fried chicken or Korean food Flour is recommended to cook it. The original recipe from Korea. There are many menus to choose from. Don’t miss it, unnie~

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