Review of Bun101 Healthy Dim Sum and whole wheat buns that I want you to try

Review of Bun101 Healthy Dim Sum and whole wheat buns that I want you to try

Bun101, a healthy bun shop that many places People probably have already eaten. If you think of a healthy menu There are nutrients in every menu. You have to think about this shop. Seriously, when dieting powder. or go to the gym This is the restaurant that Pang always thinks of when he wants to eat. It means he’s full and he’s relieved that he doesn’t feel guilty after eating, haha.

This time, I had the opportunity to try almost every menu in the restaurant. Therefore, I would like to share with you what menus are available. Which ones are interesting?

  • Whole wheat buns (28 baht per ball)
  • Bread/mintou custard (36-65 baht)
  • Dumplings+Gyoza (55-65 baht)
  • Bento box (69-119 baht)
  • Drinks (55-60 baht)

Personally, I like whole wheat steamed buns with savory filling. I like every filling. Their dough is still soft and easy to eat. I don’t feel that it’s too healthy that it’s difficult to eat. Followed by dumplings, which are delicious, moderately full, high in protein, and the drinks are considered well done. When you want to eat sweet and milky dishes, you won’t feel guilty anymore, haha.

Whole wheat buns (28 baht per ball) have the following fillings. Minced pork with boiled egg, red pork, cream and black beans and sesame seeds

Bread/Mantou Custard (36-65 baht) There are 3 flavors in total: pandan custard, purple sweet potato custard. and pumpkin custard

Dumplings+Gyoza (55-65 baht) Chicken Breast Dumplings, Whole Shrimp Dumplings, Minced Chicken Breast Dumplings with Cabbage and Minced Pork Dumplings with Bell Pepper and Ginger

Lunch boxes (69-119 baht) come in 4 types: riceberry rice Basil Chicken Breast, Riceberry Rice Khua Kling Minced Chicken Breast, Riceberry Rice, Fried Pumpkin with Egg, Chicken Breast and Chicken Breast Bolognese Soba Noodles

Drinks (55-60 baht)

There are 6 branches in front of the shop or you can order delivery via the branch via: LINEMAN | GET | FOOD PANDA. Shipping fee starts at 10 baht.

  • Central Pinklao
  • Central Bangna
  • Central Rama 3
  • The Mall Bang Khae
  • Fashion Island B floor
  • The Mall Ngamwongwan, G floor

Provincial customers “Can be ordered via Line/Facebook Nationwide delivery service available
Delivery in Inter Express temperature controlled vehicles


Closed until 10:30 (UTC+7)

เซ็นทรัลพลาซ่า ปิ่นเกล้า ห้องเลขที่ KG15 ชั้นG เลขที่ 7 222 ถ. บรมราชชนนี แขวงอรุณอมรินทร์ เขตบางกอกน้อย กรุงเทพมหานคร 10700






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