Review Boon Tong Kee, buffet type 499.-, unlimited order of chicken and many other menus, great value

Review Boon Tong Kee, buffet type 499.-, unlimited order of chicken and many other menus, great value

Boon Tong Kee, a famous chicken rice restaurant from Singapore. Established in 1979 from a chicken rice cart in Singapore’s Chinatown. But with the delicious taste of Khao Man Gai that is delicious like no other and excellent service Made Mr. Thian Boon Hua, the founder of Boon Tong Kee shop. Must expand the shop to accommodate more and more customers.

And today, the highlight is that the powder will take me to eat Boon Tong Kee in a buffet style. Let me tell you that I have never been anywhere. Let’s go. Let’s go for 2 full hours. Let’s get it full.

?? Price per head 499 baht ??
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(If Walk-in or call to reserve, the shop will not accept)

Their menu has a lot of them, actually, the powder will ask for only the outstanding ones. Let’s see.

main course
Boon Tong Kee Original Chicken, Boon Tong Kee Crispy Skin Chicken, Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup, Imperial Pork Ribs, Boon Tong Kee Crispy Pork, Stir Fried Pork Liver with Hong Kong Kale, Fried Shrimp Salad, Khao Yok, Stir Fried Morning Glory Sauce sambal

eat and play
Boon Tong Kee Fried Tofu, Crispy Stuffed Patongo

mouth watering dessert
Dried rice balls and taro paste with pumpkin and ginkgo

Prices are divided by day.
* Monday – Thursday 499 baht
* Friday – Sunday 599 baht

The branches are as follows.

  • Siam Paragon (4th floor)
  • Seacon Square Srinakarin (4th floor)
  • Sukhumvit 49 (Piman 49 Project, Building D1)
  • The Up Project (The Up) Rama 3
  • Central Plaza Pinklao (G Floor)


Open until 20:30 (UTC+7)

46, 10 สุขุมวิท 49 แขวงคลองตันเหนือ เขตวัฒนา กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110






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