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Tha Din Daeng Bokkia

Tha Din Daeng Bokkia Guaranteed by the Michelin Guide! Let me tell you that this restaurant is number 1 in my heart. I have been eating it since I was cool For the sweet type like powder Let me tell you that this shop should not be missed. Tha Din Daeng bok kies have been sold for a long time. The weather is hot. I found something sweet and cold like this. I was so happy.

Noodles and white noodles, boiled just the right way. It’s chewy and delicious. The fillings are full of lotus seeds, red beans, corn, grass jelly, coconut, and others. After eating, you won’t be annoyed with ice for sure.

Tha Din Daeng Bokkia
⏰ Open daily from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

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