7th Heaven Meat Large pieces of meat, very tender.

7th Heaven Meat Large pieces of meat, very tender.

7th Heaven Beef. Let me tell you. Good stuff. Beef lovers must not miss it! large pieces of meat very soft The taste is very intense. For those who love meat, I can tell you that this restaurant should not be missed. because they use Australian sirloin beef to marinate The flavor is concentrated in the meat.

The shop will sell both packs of 25 sticks for warming and eating at home. Or grilled, it’s only 20 baht per stick. Eating when it’s hot is very satisfying, everyone.

For anyone who wants to try The shop has many branches all over the country. But like this one, try the powder at the Or Tor Kor market. Yes, anyone who passes by, don’t miss it.

In addition, the shop also sells fried taro with curry puffs. Secretly tasted fried taro Taro is not too sweet. Taro meat is soft. contrasts with the crunchiness of the sunflower seeds on the outside If you like this style, you need to get it. ☺️☺️

? Beef heaven 7th floor in the Or Tor Kor market. Or a branch in front of Samsen Villa Phayathai (behind Vichaiyut Hospital), Samsen Villa Ratchaphruek or search for a shop via Delivery, type “meat heaven 7th floor”
Open daily Mon-Fri from 08.00-17.00 / Sat-Sun 07.00 – 17.00

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