Baked Potato with Cheese JodFair, soft and moist cheese, must try!

Baked Potato with Cheese JodFair, soft and moist cheese, must try!
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Everyone! Who likes to eat it burnt like flour? Pang recommends you to come and try this restaurant. Baked yam with cheese. Very fun restaurant. at the fair market Let me tell you that it’s awesome! Every piece of it is freshly baked, hot, mixed with cheesy, gooey cheese. Let me tell you that I can’t stand it. I almost want to jump in to buy and eat.

Roasted sweet potato with cheese, super fun restaurant Delicious restaurants that must be tried at Jodfair Market This restaurant tells me that whenever I walk, I always smell the smell of roasted potatoes. Inviting saliva to spill every time I couldn’t resist so I had to order some to try. At the restaurant, there are many menus to choose from, including Original, Potato Corn, Corn Cheese, Cheese & Double, and others. Meticulously made. Standing and watching him doing it is very enjoyable. What kind of food will you order today? Let’s go and see.

 Baked Potato with Cheese

The first menu we ordered was Potato Corn. The top is sprinkled with compressed corn. Ready to burn more fire as well. Can’t be satisfied. Sweet corn smells a little burnt. Best to eat with potatoes.

 Baked Potato with Cheese

The second one says that it’s very nutritious. Cheese & Double is burnt hot and topped with cheese. Sprinkle with oregano and bacon on top, lightly charred. The smell of butter and cheese, it burns, the taste is sweet and salty, just right. Eat it hot, stretched cheese, and crispy bacon. Anyone who wants to be fat must come and try.

 Baked Potato with Cheese

If anyone likes to eat grilled potatoes with cheese, you can try them at Kodfun restaurant. JodFair market. The shop is determined to do a lot. since the procedure Mixed with fragrant fresh butter, making it look fresh and new, can be eaten when it’s hot, definitely not tasteless Delicious and good price starting at 49 baht. Let’s go and try it.

  • Baked Potato with Cheese JodFair Market, Behind Central Plaza Rama 9
  • Open daily from 17.00-24.00

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Open until 00:00 (UTC+7)

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