Ban Muang Thai Dessert new style crazy snacks crispy on the outside soft on the inside Book an appointment across the day!

Ban Muang Thai Dessert new style crazy snacks crispy on the outside soft on the inside Book an appointment across the day!

I believe that many people will have some favorite Thai desserts in their hearts. Today, Pang has a new Thai dessert shop to recommend. Ban Muang Thai Dessert Bang Khun Non district Let me tell you that it’s awesome! There are many homemade-style Thai desserts, including ‘Ba Bin Bite’, a new style of Ba Bin dessert. matchbox shape It’s a very interesting menu. Orders come in fast Even having to order across the day

Recently, there are Thai dessert shops in strange shapes. Newly opened, waiting for us to touch each other in many shops. But there is one shop that is the coolest. Long queue, full of orders from the front of the shop until the delivery. Ban Muang Thai Dessert Thai dessert shop that uses mom’s dessert recipe to build on. create new faces Until becoming a new Thai dessert that is more appetizing which the cool person of the shop is not anyone else but a reckless, soft and chewy meat Filled with tender coconut Comes in the shape of a matchbox

This time, we didn’t miss to hurry up to queue for a try. I got one big box, Crazy Bites, shaped like a real matchbox. Big pieces are satisfying. Thick square pieces are eaten hot, so good. Crispy on the outside. The inside is soft and chewy like mochi. Not as hard as the reckless ones we used to eat before. Most importantly, it smells very good with coconut sugar.

I like that the shop is freshly made day by day. Freshly baked for every order. When you do it, you can smell the aroma of Thai sweets coming out of the machine. is the most provocative fragrance Seeing the ingredients while the shop is making them, I can tell you that they are very full, fresh quality, using young coconuts, soft and not hard. Put it in a cuk. Biting into any bite, it’s full of young coconut. You can eat it continuously. Enjoy the taste. Little sweet. I like it.

Ban Muang Thai Dessert

In addition to the great dessert menu that the shop sells well all the time. At the shop, there is also a menu of Thai desserts that taste less sweet. Delicious according to the original recipe, mother’s hand taste again The gimmick will focus on using natural purple. no preservatives sweet and fragrant Bought it as a gift, everyone was impressed with it.

For anyone who is looking for crazy desserts that taste less sweet and delicious. Ban Muang Thai Dessert It’s another shop that does it quite well. Both the taste that is a little sweet is just right. put on firmly Filled with every piece of young coconut. Importantly, no preservatives are added. Recommended to eat while it’s hot. It’s delicious like eating mochi. Whoever lives far away, they have delivery. Let’s go to find an order and reserve it.

  • Ban Muang Thai Dessert Shop In front of Soi Bang Khun Non 10, opposite Bangkok Bank Bang Khun Non Branch
  • Open every day except Monday from 10:00-16:00

ร้านบ้านม่วง - Baan Muang

106 8 ถ. บางขุนนนท์ แขวงบางขุนนนท์ เขตบางกอกน้อย กรุงเทพมหานคร 10700






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