Chicken Rice House Singapore style Get a feel cafe atmosphere Take beautiful photos from every angle!

Chicken Rice House Singapore style Get a feel cafe atmosphere Take beautiful photos from every angle!
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People who take pictures come together this way! Today I will take you to meet a cute shop. pleasant atmosphere Which is not only a bakery coffee menu, but also a chicken rice restaurant. Anyone who is very hungry, come to one shop and finish it. Singapore style in the high bridge area along the motorway Dan Thap Chang is a chicken rice shop. Feel cafe. Cute in every corner. You can stop by to eat. Or sit and chill Enjoying the view while sipping coffee. Secretly whispering that the chicken is raised with organic methods, fresh, clean, soft texture. Juicy for sure

Chicken Rice House

If anyone likes to eat chicken rice as life. but come to eat at the same restaurant repeatedly probably will secretly be bored Recommended to try the shop Ban Khao Man Gai, watch it once because the atmosphere at the decorated restaurant is cute and gives a very cafe feel. can sit all day without getting bored Inside, there will be a coffee zone, bakery, decorated in warm and comfortable tones, whether it is a chilling corner. The photo corner decorated in Japanese style is very gentle. Cute, pleasing, minimal line. No matter what angle you take, you can control the tone!

This restaurant also has a menu of drinks, desserts, and any cakes. Inside the shop is clean and minimal, but one of the outstanding menus is Singapore Chicken Rice As far as I can see, most of the people who come here only order a lot of chicken rice menus. I saw it and it was very appetizing. The flesh is the most juicy! At first, I thought that I would just sit and sip coffee. but can’t resist Let’s try one!

Chicken rice set, a small dish for 1-2 people to eat. very tasty chicken Small but full plate large pieces of chicken Juicy from the moment I brought it to serve. The chicken at this restaurant doesn’t come just for fun. They use chicken meat that is raised with 100% organic system. Clean, safe, healthy. making the taste unique, unlike other restaurants Importantly, plump meat. Juicy tongue can’t take it!!

As for the chicken meat, it can be called almost melts in the mouth Eat and enjoy the most smooth tongue. Big pieces, just bite size, not dry and hard. Anyone who has toothache coming to eat at this restaurant is love. I like the smooth leather, soft, sticky, good smell of sesame oil sauce. The more you pour the sauce on top of the chicken, the more satisfying it is. It’s delicious to eat for nothing! as the name of the chicken farm The more you eat, the happier you are!!!

Let’s continue together at the rice, everyone. As for the rice, it will be slightly darker. Smells so good Fragrant jasmine rice, not wet, comes with hot soup to sip. It has a slightly spicy taste with pepper. Good smell of spices, light, very smooth, perfect in every bite.

What is not worth mentioning is that there are 3 types of dipping sauces: normal chicken rice dipping sauce, pickled Chinese chili dipping sauce. and onion blended ginger dipping sauce You can choose to eat as you like. The pickled Chinese chili sauce is the signature of the shop. There will be a little spiciness. Delicious taste, good greasy cut. Ginger and spring onion blended dipping sauce You can clearly get the taste of ginger. But not too spicy Made in a way that is easier to eat I ate and ate it for a while and it was all over the plate.

For those who are looking for an All In One cafe, there are both savory and sweet menus and drinks. Don’t miss coming to try the shop. Chicken Rice House Each item is well made, very good quality. saw the intention of making a menu for us to eat They say they want to make it delicious like we do at home. It’s super warm. Who wants to taste the softness and juicyness of this dish? Don’t forget to stop by for protection.

  • Chicken Rice House Restaurant, Saphan Sung, along the motorway, Thap Chang Dan.
  • Open every day except Monday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Baan-บ้าน ,ข้าวมันไก่สไตล์สิงคโปร์

Closed until 10:00 (UTC+7)

2/3 ถ. กาญจนาภิเษก แขวงทับช้าง เขตสะพานสูง กรุงเทพมหานคร 10240






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