Anatomy of a Burger ตลาดจ๊อดแฟร์ หลังเซ็นทรัลพลาซ่า พระราม 9 #สตรีทฟู้ด

Anatomy of a Burger JodFair Market Behind Central Plaza Rama 9

#AnatomyOfaBurger Homemade burgers ✨ freshly made, hot, lots of menus, don’t miss out on eating type!

Hello everyone Today, Pang takes everyone to eat homemade hamburgers at Anatomy of a Burger, Jod Fair Market. Eating people must come to this restaurant. The shop will be decorated in a feel like a bar. There are soju bottles all around the store. Very easy to notice And the merchants will wear a big hat in the shape of a hamburger too, haha.

Anatomy of a Burger, JodFair Market, behind Central Plaza Rama 9
⏰ Open everyday from 18.00-24.00

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