Review Abaima Kokhun Srinakarin, Thai style beef menu, good price, great taste

Review Abaima Kokhun Srinakarin, Thai style beef menu, good price, great taste
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Abima Kokhun, Srinakarin Area Heard the name for a long time, today I had a chance to try it out. This restaurant is an Islamic restaurant. The main menu is meat. There are many parts to choose from. And most of them are one-dish dishes, such as Ko Khun beef, so you shouldn’t miss it. The price is very good, starting at only 40 baht!

The shop is quite spacious. It’s open air. but with the shop being quite airy So sit and eat comfortably.

As for the menus that I would like to recommend, they are as follows. Let’s start with the first menu. Fried Starfish with Fish Sauce and Crispy Garlic For people who like meat that has fat inserted in general, I recommend it. It gives softness and juicyness. It’s good to eat with hot steamed rice.

Kho Khun Daed Deaw Fried Rice with Chili Paste (60 baht) I really like this dish. is hot fried rice But this fried rice is not a dry, crumbly feel, a little juicy, just the right amount, with a shrimp paste flavor and a spicy flavor from hell chili paste. Eating together with Ko Khun Sundew Beef is just perfect. Come alone. Eat this dish. Full and delicious. Definitely worth it.

Beef Tongue Kaoh Lao (50 baht) If you want something hot, drink it well, you need to get this dish. It’s the soup that’s mellow enough. Flour is eaten without cooking. Beef tongue is lightly crunchy to chew, just the right size.

Big Set of Kao Lao Hot Pot (150 baht) Because it’s very worth it. It’s like taking a spoon to scoop it up, it’s very tight. Pure ingredients. The soup is delicious and mellow.

Rice Topped with Holy Basil Ko Khun Daed Dew (60 baht) + fried egg 10 baht for this dish, personally, the powder is normal for basil. The meat wasn’t that tender. If people like to chew a lot I think you’ll like it.

Rice topped with cow tongue basil (40 baht) + fried egg 10 baht. The price is very friendly. 40 baht per plate of basil. The basil flavor is not very hot. If anyone likes spicy You can tell him more.

Deep-fried Beef in One Sun (50 baht each) This one is well worth ordering. The fried beef is not soft but not sticky, just right to chew, the flavor is mellow and delicious. having it gently inserted enough to make me happy, haha

Roti + Iced Chapaki (55 baht). Who likes stretched cheese roti? I recommend you to order. The cheese is really satisfying. It’s hot and delicious. Eat it with iced tea. Little sweet. Just right. So happy.

Personally, I would say that if you pass by that area again, you must visit for sure. The shop is spacious and comfortable. The food is easy to eat but delicious and worth the price. Don’t miss out on Ko Khun beef line.

อาไบมาโคขุน at ศรีนครินทร์ 40

Open until 22:30 (UTC+7)

54 1 ซอย ศรีนครินทร์ 40 แขวงหนองบอน เขต ประเวศ กรุงเทพมหานคร 10250






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