A-Pong Mae Sunee Local dessert shop in Phuket Great legend over 50 years

A-Pong Mae Sunee Local dessert shop in Phuket Great legend over 50 years
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Recently, if anyone has visited the old town like Phuket. Don’t forget to try the legendary local dessert shop, Khanom A Pong, a local dessert with a sweet and fragrant taste. Crispy dough, soft and chewy. It can be said that it is a local dessert of Phuket. Today we bring you to try the shop. A-Pong Mae Sunee A Pong dessert shop that has been sold for more than 50 years with a delicious mellow taste like no other Leading to the MICHELIN GUIDE 2022 award, the taste will be as cool as they say, is it true? Let’s follow and see.

A-Pong Mae Sunee

Khanom A Pong is a traditional Phuket dessert that is outstanding with its flour. The taste is mildly sweet and fragrant with coconut milk. The outside is thin and crispy. The inside will be soft. Their appearance is rolled into a round bar, similar to Thong Muan. The secret of Ar Pong’s deliciousness is not just the flour recipe. meticulously smearing the flour on the pan and charcoal stove used It is a part that makes this type of dessert crispy and delicious like no other.

A Pong shop that we will take you to get to know Tell me that it’s really a legend. No one knows Mae Sunee. The shop will be located in Soi Sun Uthit. It’s a roadside shop. When we arrive, we will see charcoal grills lined up in front of the shop. and a small hole pan Ready to see the skill of making A-Pong to be seen in front of the shop. This shop has been inherited since mother’s generation. They have been sold since 25 satang per piece until now, the children’s generation has come to inherit instead.

The special that A-Pong Mae Sunee There is a degree of good smell that looks delicious. It’s because the shop will use it. “Rice flour” fermented ingredients which is the shop’s unique recipe Pour into a hole in a small pan. Chisel hot flour. Roll the dough in a circle around the stove. Use the heat from the charcoal stove. It adds more aroma and appetizing when it’s cooked. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft and fluffy. This restaurant is the original flavor without adding any filling.

A Pong Mae Sunee

How to make Kanom A Pong It will take quite a bit of time. because of one stove can be done one sheet at a time With the number of bakers that there are only 2 people, when arriving there will have to wait in line for a bit. Most importantly, the amount of powder is limited. If on any day the sales are sold out quickly, the store will be closed soon. Causing this time, we have to wait in line since early in the morning. But it didn’t take long to get it. The price is 3 baht per piece, 7 pieces for 20 baht, which is not expensive. Very comfortable! A large piece of Kanom A-Pong is on the way. The outside is lightly crispy, and the inside is soft and thick. mellow sweet taste Smell the smell of charcoal grill lightly. Enjoy your meal In a moment, the bag is gone.

As for A Pong Mae Sunee, it is considered an A Pong dessert shop. that has been popular for a long time If anyone hasn’t tried it yet I would like you to come and taste it and experience the original taste once. Let me tell you that I enjoyed eating until the end. I didn’t even realize it. If anyone arrives, you have to wait in line for a long time. can be reserved Then go for a walk, take pictures of street art and see the old town. This restaurant is recommended to go in the morning. Because delicious food like this is sold out very quickly!!!

  • A Pong Mae Sunee shop
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Open until 16:00 (UTC+7)

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