How To Make Strawberry Red Bean Dorayaki. Delicious, Pleasing Japanese Style.

How To Make Strawberry Red Bean Dorayaki. Delicious, Pleasing Japanese Style.

Everyone, today’s batter is Imperial Pancake Mix. Come and try to make a delicious menu. There are three flavors, but I want the chocolate pancake mix. Let’s try making a famous dessert menu from Japan. Strawberry Red Bean Dorayaki Let me tell you, it’s very compatible. Fluffy pancakes stuffed with soft stir-fried red beans, followed by juicy strawberries. Beautiful, fragrant, soft, and delicious! Importantly, it’s easy to find; you can buy Imperial Pancake Mix. Available at leading supermarkets in general or via KCG Online.


  • Chocolate Pancake Mix Imperial brand 1 box
  • 2 eggs
  • 360 ml of fresh milk
  • red bean paste as desired
  • fresh strawberries
  • fresh butter

How to make Strawberry Red Bean Dorayaki

Prepare a mixing bowl for making the dough. Add Chocolate Pancake Mix imperial seal, Followed by chicken eggs and fresh milk, stirring well.

Heat a pan over low heat, and spread some butter on the pan. Add the flour mixture and pour it over. Turn over when cooked. (about 20 seconds on each side)

Wait until the dough is cooked well. Then scoop up and set aside. Do it until it’s all done. You will get about 10-12 sheets.

Put together by placing the first dorayaki dough. Spread with red bean paste all over. Anyone who likes to eat a lot of stuffing can do it hard.

Put a big strawberry in it. Cover with another sheet of dough. Then prepare the dish and ready to serve.

Strawberry Red Bean Dorayaki It’s all done—full of flavor, full of flavor, especially the soft and fluffy Dorayaki dough. Rich chocolate flavor No matter where you bite, it’s soft and smooth! Eat together with smooth red bean paste. Sweet, fragrant, and sour with strawberries. Arranged like a big ball, big words, very juicy, any friends who haven’t tried it yet Pang recommends arranging this menu. Because the raw materials are very easy to buy. Especially the imperial pancake flour. Let’s go try it.

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