How to Make Pancake Rolls with Jam Menu. Easy to Cook By Yourself.

How to Make Pancake Rolls with Jam Menu. Easy to Cook By Yourself.

come to please the sweet people who like to eat desserts from childhood legends and Who like guessing Tokyo snacks! Let me tell you that this dessert is very fond of powder. No matter how much you eat, you will never get bored. But around the house, the powder is very difficult to find. with not wanting to go far away So find it yourself! Today, I come to give away recipes. Tokyo Filled with Fruit Jam Try making it and it’s very easy to make. Delicious dough, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. stuffed with juicy fruit jam

Best Foods Squeezy comes in 2 flavors: strawberry and orange. Squeeze and taste delicious as usual. More is that it comes in a squeeze tube. More convenient than before Just open the lid and pour over. You can eat delicious jam together.


  • 1 box of ready-made pancake batter
  • 1 chicken egg
  • 1 cup fresh milk
  • Best Foods SQUEEZY strawberry and orange flavors

How to make Pancake Rolls with Jam

The first step, put the instant pancake batter, eggs, and fresh milk into the same cup. Then beat the ingredients together well. until it becomes a smooth powder

Heat the pan, use low heat, brush the pan with butter, add the flour, wait until the flour begins to brown slightly. (it doesn’t take long The dough will begin to bubble.) Then add the stuffing as you like.

The filling that was made today There is something like this—good smell and delicious like it’s very compatible. Will eat it in one flavor, Or you can add jam to mix the way the dough makes. It’s delicious together. Sweet and sour, not greasy at all All raw materials can be bought at 7-11, everyone.

Best Foods SQUEEZY Strawberry Flavor + Granola with Dried Strawberries This taste says that The best! Open the lid, the smell of strawberries is very strong, too fragrant, bright colors, sour and sweet flavors that do not jump together too much. eat with granola and dried strawberries Delicious, crunchy, full of heart

Best Foods SQUEEZY Orange flavor + Strawberry flavor + Marshmallow. This flavor, the dough combines both flavors of jam. With the strawberry flavor They have a slightly sour and sweet taste. mixed with the sweet and sour taste of orange Add orange flakes to chew. Sweet and fragrant. By sprinkling marshmallows down chew soft and chewy Eat and enjoy the good smell of fruit.

Best Foods SQUEEZY Orange + Strawberry + Egg Yolk Threads + Sliced Almond Bars The last flavor, we upgraded the deliciousness even more. With a heavy arrangement, full of fillings, overflowing The jam base is still the orange + strawberry flavor as before. Followed by sliced almonds. Smash it in one piece. full and delicious in the stomach

When it’s done, put it in. Wait until the dough is cooked well. Roll up and serve.

They are done with the legendary snack menu. Tokyo Filled with Fruit Jam The crust is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Ready to fill with fruit jam, full of deliciousness, this menu, friends can change the filling as they like. But don’t forget to put Best Foods SQUEEZY, good fruit jam. Sweet taste a little sour Guarantee that it’s delicious to eat with anything.

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