How to Make Egg Toast with Filling.

How to Make Egg Toast with Filling.
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Bread dipped in egg, full of fillings, bread with soft eggs, full of fillings. Let me tell you, one piece has a cork! This menu will say that friends. You can create the stuffing that you like to the fullest. Whatever you like to eat, whatever you want to put, let’s go. For the dough, the dough made all 3 fillings, which are corn mayonnaise, spinach cheese and shredded pork, chili paste sausage.


  • 6 slices of bread
  • 5-6 chicken eggs
  • favorite filling
  • salted butter

The stuffing of the dough didn’t make it look. But if anyone wants to make a dough filling Look here.

Corn mayonnaise Add corn, mayonnaise and sugar, mix well and taste to taste.

Spinach cheese, spinach body, batter fried with salted butter and garlic. Eat with a cheese plate. Beautiful.

Shredded pork, chilli paste sausage This one is correct. Just put chili paste on both slices of bread, put shredded pork and sausage.

How to make Egg Toast with Filling

Take the eggs and beat them together well.

Set the pan over low heat. Add salted butter.

Wait until the butter is well melted. Put eggs in a thin layer evenly covering the pan.

Once the eggs start to set a little, place the bread and add your favorite stuffing.

Wait until the eggs start to cook. Fold the eggs over the sides. will be folded before filling Or after filling the stuffing.

The eggs are cooked well and the color starts to darken a bit. Can be folded in half You can serve it.

Egg-coated bread with full of fillings. Is it nice to eat? It’s full of fillings.

Before eating, pour more sauce.

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