NISSIN Mala with Pork Belly, Spicy Flavor to Authentic Mala Chili Paste.

NISSIN Mala with Pork Belly, Spicy Flavor to Authentic Mala Chili Paste.

Everyone, who is FC Nissin Mala flavor? Pang has good news to tell! Now Nissin can’t stand the demand. Bring it back and sell it. This round is focused on both dry and soup styles. Not to mention the taste Nissin stands for, one thing about being brilliant. Spicy until the tongue is numb. Plus, the lines are soft and sticky. The original Nissin style This time, Pang didn’t wait to arrange the menu. NISSIN Mala with Pork Belly Comes with onsen eggs Add more deliciousness than ever!

Easy to do, takes less than 5 minutes. If you haven’t tried it, don’t wait. Can be purchased at 7-11 all branches and leading department stores in general Rushing to buy it.


  • Nissin Mala Flavor Dry 2 sachets
  • Sliced Pork Belly 150 g.
  • 1 onsen egg
  • Onions, garnished as desired

How to make NISSIN Mala with Pork Belly

Put the pot on high heat and boil the noodles in boiling water. It takes about 5 minutes, then scoop out the noodles and set aside.

Put the prepared pork slices into the scalded until well cooked. Then pour out the scalded water.

Put the blanched noodles into it. followed by pouring the seasoning powder in the sachet Mix well.

Scoop noodles to serve on a plate. with onsen eggs and sprinkle green onions as desired

Serve hot and eat with onsen eggs. Spicy tea taste is good. The more mala Sichuan peppers he gave, the more delicious it is! This meal is very satisfying for those who love the most spicy and spicy dishes.

Easy to enjoy with NISSIN Mala with Pork Belly. It’s convenient and quick. This menu doesn’t take long, only 5 minutes. Available in both sachet and cup form. Boiling. Wait for a long time. It’s ready and delicious. Let me tell you that the taste is more intense than buying at the store. It intense, and full of flavor to the machine Use real Sichuan mala peppers good smell of sesame oil One sachet is not enough I think the powder has to excuse me to go get a big set like a whole pack, everyone. Don’t forget to try.

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