Magic Ice Enjoy DIY Ice Cream. Easy to Make by Yourself using only 2 things!

Magic Ice Enjoy DIY Ice Cream. Easy to Make by Yourself using only 2 things!

Today I will invite everyone to make a dessert menu that is ice cream. Let’s eat it ourselves. I don’t know if anyone has it. Sometimes we want to eat ice cream in the machine. or what we particularly like And want to wear a lot of styles, complete, tell me. Opportunity has arrived! Because we will make ice cream to eat by ourselves. It’s very easy to tell. Because this is DIY Magic Ice ice cream powder, called delicious, complete in one sachet. Just mix with water, stir well. Soak in freeze, it’s delicious. Ready, let’s see how to make ice cream!


  • DIY Magicice ice cream powder, coconut milk, chocolate flavor
  • 500 ml warm water
  • container for

how to make ice cream

Pour the prepared ice cream powder onto the container. The flour used is coconut milk and chocolate flavor.

Then pour warm water over the ice cream fruit, slowly pour it.

All ingredients are mixed together well. until it becomes homogeneous

Pour the finished ice cream onto the container (recommended to divide into 3 containers to make the ice cream set faster), then put it in the freezer for 4 – 5 hours.

Who likes to be soft and smooth? Recommended to blend 1 round. It will feel like soft serve, softer than before.

What I like is the texture, they are very concentrated. The taste is just the right amount, not too sweet, intense, pleasing to the eye. They have 3 flavors to choose from: vanilla, chocolate and coconut milk. They use 100% pure coconut oil as an ingredient, not palm oil, which is trans fat. and still use milk from New Zealand

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It can be said that it’s delicious, complete in one sachet with DIY ice cream from Magic Ice. Just mix with water, stir well, freeze it, it’s delicious. It’s another dessert menu that Pang loves the most. In the form of powder, try it without adding any additional ingredients. The next round will be guaranteed. Let’s arrange another style. Friends, don’t forget to come and try it.

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