Ham and Cheese Spring Rolls Appetizer Menu, Full of Ham and Cheese!

Ham and Cheese Spring Rolls Appetizer Menu, Full of Ham and Cheese!

Spring rolls believe that it is a favorite menu of many people, so Pang would like to share an appetizer menu with how to make Ham Cheese Spring Rolls or Ham Cheese Spring Rolls. You can adjust the filling as you like. But the ham cheese is the most satisfying, crispy fried hot inside, filled with greasy ham and cheese stuffing, I can tell you that one bite is crispy, so delicious that you can’t stop for sure!


  • spring roll sheets
  • ham
  • cheese plate
  • oil for frying
  • 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
  • a little water
Ham and Cheese Spring Rolls

How to make Ham and Cheese Spring Rolls

Prepare spring roll sheets followed by ham and cheese, stacked on top of each other, roll into spring roll shapes as pictured.

*Mix all-purpose flour and water together. Made as glue to cover the spring roll sheets. make it better Fried and not broken

Place the pan on medium to low heat. put oil in Fry the prepared spring rolls.

Put the spring rolls in and fry until well cooked and beautifully colored. Be careful of the outer flour being burnt.

Put on a plate and ready to serve. cut into bite-sized pieces Eat with dipping sauce as you like.

Ham and Cheese Spring Rolls The snack menu is now complete. It’s another menu that Pang said that it’s super easy to make! It doesn’t take long to get snacks to eat and enjoy. Beginners who are new to the kitchen can easily make it. Let me tell you, it makes everyone happy! Who tried to follow how to make ham and cheese spring rolls? then let’s tell

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