Mama Hot Pot Topped with Cheese, Popular Menu.

Mama Hot Pot Topped with Cheese, Popular Menu.

Today I would like to make a simple menu, everything can be found in 7-eleven. In the middle of the month like this, it must be mama, right? This time, it’s not normal because it’s! Mama’s overflowing face, especially the one that adds crunchiness to this menu is the DAIRYGOLD Cheddar Cheese Slice . Tom Yum soup is oilier and smoother, it’s a must have for everyone. Now they are available in 7-11. A pack of 2 pieces costs only 19 baht. It’s delicious to add to any menu!


  • DAIRYGOLD Cheddar Cheese Slice of your choice
  • Tom Yum Creamy Instant Noodles 2 packs
  • Mini Cocktail Sausage
  • egg
  • plain water
  • Lime and coriander add beauty.

How to make Mama Hot Pot Topped with Cheese

Set a pan and put water in it. Boil the water until it’s boiling. Add seasoning powder

People let the water and seasoning powder mix well. Followed by instant noodles put into it. Boil until the noodles are cooked.

Mix together until the lines are well separated. Followed by a cork machine. Followed by chicken eggs and sausages, golden needle mushrooms and crab sticks as you like.

Mama Hot Pot Topped with Cheese

End with DAIRYGOLD Cheddar Cheese Slice. Wait until everything is cooked well.

Mama Hot Pot Topped with Cheese

Place lemon slices and coriander. then turn off the stove You can serve it.

The machine menu is super crowded. It’s done. Mama’s face is overflowing. I can tell you that the machine is overflowing. The more you get premium cheese to put on the menu this round. The more you upgrade, the deliciousness multiplies. At home, cook and eat by yourself, you can put as many machines as you want!

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