Fresh Milk Jelly Acerola Cherry, the ultimate drink menu. good benefits

Fresh Milk Jelly Acerola Cherry, the ultimate drink menu. good benefits

unbelievable Just one can of cute pink Bear Brand milk. will add freshness and smooth to the max!
Today, powder has tried. Bear Brand Gold Milk, New Flavor, Acerola Cherry Just opened a can Can experience the smell of soft cherry fragrance, soft, sweet, just right More importantly, this time they add high vitamin C. Drink every morning, it’s good, full and comfortable.

This is mellow delicious. Pang therefore uses it to make a drink menu as well, fresh milk jelly Acerola Cherry. This menu uses Bear Brand Gold milk. acerola cherry flavor Soft and chewy cherry jelly drink with Bear Brand milk is very compatible Perfectly mellow. Whoever has prepared the stuff is ready. Let’s try it.

raw material

  • Bear Brand Gold Milk 2 cans of acerola cherry flavor
  • 300 g frozen cherries
  • 250 ml of water
  • Agar powder 1+1/2 tsp.

How to make Acerola Cherry Fresh Milk Jelly

Heat a pot, add water and frozen cherries. Boil until the water changes color. Then lift it down and strain out the cherries.

Heat the pot again, over low heat, pour the filtered cherry juice. Then add agar powder. Stir well and form well. Turn off the heat and set aside.

Pour into a tray and refrigerate until the agar is well set. When the jelly is set well Take it out and cut it into the size you like.

Prepare serving glasses, add ice, followed by cherry jelly. and ending with Bear Brand Gold Milk Acerola Cherry flavor ready to serve

Done with fresh milk jelly, Acerola Cherry, a drink menu that is soft, mellow, delicious with the taste of cherries that are fragrant. Eat with sweet cherry jelly. Help strengthen the immune system in the body. Plus, it’s full of vitamin C. Low fat. You can eat it every day. Don’t be afraid of getting fat. Anyone looking for a drink that is easy to make, good for health, powder, recommend this menu.

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