How to Make Deep-Fried Bread Crumbs, Who Likes to Eat Some?

How to Make Deep-Fried Bread Crumbs, Who Likes to Eat Some?
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Deep-fried bread crumbs Who likes to eat? like white or black Thick plating or thin plating. Haha. Yesterday was a day to pay respect. So how can you miss it? A great menu after the day of paying respect, must have fried khanom kheng. Eat when it’s hot, chewy, crispy, lightly crispy. After cutting, it should be dried in the sun for a bit. But the powder didn’t dry. Hurry up and get it. Haha.


  • 2 pieces of Khanom Kheng (about 8-10 pieces of thinly sliced dough)
  • Crispy Flour 75 g.
  • 1 egg
  • salt, tip of a spoon
  • 3-4 tablespoons of cold water
  • oil for frying

How to make fried bread crumbs

Bring Khanom Kheng to cut into thin pieces. size on demand

Prepare a mixing bowl, add crispy flour, eggs, salt and cold water, mix well. (cold water, add gradually, try to make the dough still thick)

Set a pan, put oil in it. Wait until the oil is hot. Dip the khanom khong in the flour. And bring it down to fry until the color is beautiful. Scoop up and serve.

Crispy fried rice cakes, hot and ready to serve.

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