Crab Stick Salad Sandwich Breakfast menu is easy to make and useful.

Crab Stick Salad Sandwich Breakfast menu is easy to make and useful.
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Who is thinking about what to cook in the morning easily? Let me tell you, this menu should be added to the list. Crab Stick Salad Sandwich Very easy to do, not as difficult as you think. Not using a lot of raw materials There are crunchy shrimp eggs added to add more appetizing. Let me tell you. Whoever makes it, it’s delicious. Eat with coffee in the morning is very suitable or eat as a snack. It’s full and comfortable.

raw material

  • 6 crustless bread
  • 10 pieces of crab stick
  • 2 tbsp shrimp roe
  • 5 tbsp mayonnaise
  • Some people like it juicy, some people like it dry. The proportions can be adjusted to your liking.
Crab Stick Salad Sandwich

How to make Crab Stick Salad Sandwich

Prepare the container, cut the crab sticks into pieces. And tear it into fuzzy lines until it’s gone, then put the mayonnaise down. Mix well.

You can put it on the prepared thick bread. If you like a lot of stuffing, you can add more as you like. Then put them together.

when the quantity is satisfactory Cut the bread in half Then put the prepared shrimp roe on top of the crab stick salad as you like.

If you like the bread dough to be a little crispy, it is recommended to bake it a little hot. Make it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Ready to serve for breakfast.

Crab Stick Salad Sandwich

It’s all done. Crab stick salad sandwich, a favorite menu with a cup of coffee Get soft and crispy soft bread, sweet and sour crab stick salad, juicy. with prawn roe covered in a clump. This menu uses very few ingredients. But the deliciousness is overflowing like crab stick stuffing. Who is looking for an easy-to-make appetizer menu? Don’t forget to try to follow.

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