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Looking for a team to work with lulla

Work is fun, sits comfortably, is open to new ideas. can manage time And my own place of work “ Let’s have a party once a month, work hard but play harder

lulla that reads as lulla, a website for gathering information on cooking recipes, places to eat, places to visit, both domestically and internationally. with the author’s real experience I guarantee that if you are a person who likes to eat. like to travel like us You will surely have fun with us.

Our company is run by young people. The average employee is 25 years old. Open to new ideas from everyone. We need people who love to write. and enjoy eating and traveling

Here is open for employees to manage their time. and their own place of work Emphasize responsibility for assigned tasks, work 5 days/week and have other benefits provided.

For those who are interested, you can send your resume and work samples to us via email