Become An Affiliate

Earn commission easily You don’t have to have your own website.

For people who like to write reviews but don’t have their own website, including all influencers who want to add a channel to review and make affiliates, our website is another very suitable channel. Because the articles on our website are updated regularly. And adhere to the principles of writing articles based on SEO, making our website have the opportunity to be on the Search page often, so bringing your articles onto our website will give an opportunity for viewers to find content And get to know you better and in the future, we will have an opportunity for reviewers and influencers to update the article themselves.

Making a Link Affiliate is a link to a product or service. that the author writes a review and make suggestions to those who are interested to buy products accordingly which if there are people who are interested in clicking on the link And complete the purchase of that product. or the person who owns that link will receive a commission from the business owner of that product as agreed In which the reviewer must first apply for an affiliate with that business, such as agoda / booking / Klook and others.

For those who are interested can bring your review content Send it to us to post on the website. In the review article, you can put an affiliate link so that you can earn commission from the booking site. The articles submitted must include illustrations and review content made by yourself only. It is a review based on real experiences received.

Example of a review article

can submit review articles and pictures to e-mail or call for more details via Pang 064-594-6566