Invade the Korean food factory SME HappyChef with delicious menus in 7-11

Invade the Korean food factory SME HappyChef with delicious menus in 7-11

Anyong, today I will take everyone to visit the Korean food factory SME HappyChef. This is where the menu is produced. Ramyeon Spicy Chicken sold in 7-11, anyone who is FC, this menu must come and see.

Seriously, Korean food is very popular in our country and nowadays it’s very easy to find. Just walk into 7-11, there are many menus to choose from.

And now there is also a festival campaign. “Delicious, satisfied, like flying to Korea” as well, which is one of the Korean food menus participating in this promotion is the menu. “Ramyon Spicy Chicken”

In the factory that I have visited, there will be the process of cooking, simmering sauce, boiling noodles, baking chicken, putting food in a box. , The scene closes the food pack. , put in an envelope, ready to soak, send seven

As for the Korean food menu at 7-11, it really helps SMEs and also uses raw materials from the farmer community as well as hiring employees in the community as well.

In addition, 7-11 also helps SMEs from start to finish, from helping concepts and looking at opportunities for further development of each product to the process of making products to be sold on the shelf.

For “Ramyon Spicy Chicken”, now there is a special price promotion from June 24 to July 23, 2022 at every 7-Eleven store.

And on August 15-21, 2022 (7 days), customers can click to receive a 4.- discount coupon line to redeem products at a special price of 45.- (usually 49.-).

And during this campaign “Delicious, satisfying, like flying to Korea”, there are also many Korean and Japanese products that organize many promotions, including food and utensils, don’t forget to visit at 7-eleven.

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